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Reasons Why You Should Use The Trusted Vacation Rental Seal
Build Trust

Vacationers are becoming increasingly skeptical. They need quick ways to identify credible vacation rental homes and companies from the thousands of web pages indexed by search engines.
Using the Trusted Vacation Rental seal on your website and link in your emails provides vacationers with instant access to your reviewed, rated and trusted vacation rental listing on This provides you with instant public credibility.

Increase Profits

Research shows that trust is the key to boosting profits. The ability for vacationers to pinpoint trustworthy vacation rentals is a key element in the renting process—particular with the rising threat of online fraud.

According to a July 2004 study sponsored by VeriSign, a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Web:

  • 93 percent of U.S. consumers say it’s important for sites to include a trust mark on their web page.
  • 75 percent of online consumers will only make purchases through sites that include a trust mark.
  • 80 percent of online consumers expect to see a trust mark displayed on a website’s Home page.
  • 64 percent of consumers who have ended an online transaction due to a lack of security feel they would have gone through with the original purchase if the site had included a recognized trust mark.

    Save Time

    Do you have a worried vacationer interested in booking your home? Send them to your reviewed, rated and trusted listing on and gain their trust immediately without having to provide references, photos or anything else to prove that you are trusted vacation rental owner.

    Stand Out

    When vacationers search for vacation rentals they are presented with a list of thousands of vacation homes. Your competition is a click away. How do you differentiate your vacation home within the critical first few seconds of a visit? The Trusted Vacation Rental website seal and email link are great ways to stand out from the competition and annouce to the world that you are trusted vacation rental member.

    Affordably Priced - It's FREE! provides the world's first and only web seal for trusted vacation rental owners and businesses. Our reviewed, rated and trusted vacation rental directory helps you build trust with vacationers and increase bookings.

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    Use the Trusted Vacation Rental Seal on your web page to improve your vacation rental public trust.
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